Technical Specifications

Challenge Objective

The overall objective of this challenge is to demonstrate a solely physicochemical (no biological processing) process/system that uses CO2 as the only carbon source to produce selected carbon-based molecular compounds. The compounds of interest are provided in Table 1, with an associated preference factor between 0 and 10, with D-glucose being the most preferred. The source CO2 and hydrogen can be supplied from a commercially available pure gas (i.e., tanked CO2 and H2), or verifiably obtained from an alternate source (e.g., H2 from water electrolysis). To increase the potential for use in space missions, scalable, low mass/power/volume systems are sought. Likewise, the ability to make target compounds at high efficiency and specificity, and with minimal contaminants and/or toxic by-products, is preferred.

Table 1. Challenge target compounds and associated preference factor.